Services during 2007

The list below gives brief details of service calls for 2007.



Launched along with Dungeness lifeboat to search for an EPIRB beacon. Nothing was found and it was later discovered that a cargo vessel had one on board that had been accidentally activated.



A 200 tonne 50m Dutch Schooner was towed to Dover after developing engine failure near the Goodwin Sands.



Launched to investigate wreckage sighted in South west shipping lane by Coastguard aircraft. Some wreckage was found and the lifeboat stood by until the Coastguard tug 'Anglian Monarch' arrived to attempt recovery. The lifeboat then carried out a search of the area.



Requested to launch to medevac an injured seaman from a 5000 tonne Gas carrier. After rendezvousing with the vessel approximately six miles from the Port, the lifeboat went alongside and the casualty was transferred. On arrival in Dover he was placed into the care of Kent Ambulance Service for treatment and transport to hospital.



Almost immediately the lifeboat had been made ready for service from the previous service it was launched to a broken down motor cruiser. The vessel was towed into Dover Marina for repairs.



Launched to an incident in Shakespeare Bay but stood down whilst en route as other assets were dealing.



The lifeboat was diverted from exercise to search for three teenage girls stranded between Dover and Folkestone. The Y boat was deployed and the girls located under Shakespeare Cliff. One of the girls had sustained a leg injury. The Y boat crew carried out first aid and then assisted the paramedic winchman from a RAF Sea King in evacuating the girls to the helicopter to be flown to hospital.



Launched to a 2000 tonne cargo vessel with a critically ill seaman aboard. A French Search and Rescue Helicopter was also tasked to the incident and arrived a few minutes before the lifeboat. The winchman from the helicopter assessed the casualty before airlifting himto Boulogne Hospital.



A 15m French registered Ketch suffered a steering failure off Kingsdown. The vessel with two people onboard was towed into Dover for repairs.



10m fishing vessel disabled off Folkestone with fuel problems. Problem resolved and escorted to Folkestone.



Belgian yacht with broken steering. Vessel towed to Dover Marina.



Person believed to be in danger near Capel le Ferne. Stood down before reaching scene as the situation had been resolved.



Launched to the skipper of a 23m vessel who had requested medical assistance. A paramedic was transferred to the vessel and then it was escorted the short distance into Dover where the sick man was transferred to the care of ambulance service personnel.



Went to the aid of a broken down yacht to the West of the Varne Bank. Assistance given enabled the craft's engine to be restarted and the yacht was escorted to Folkestone.



The lifeboat was launched to the aid of a small single handed yacht in difficulties approximately 3 miles from the Port. A crew member was transferred aboard and the yacht was then towed into Dover.



Diverted en route to Walmer lifeboat Open day to assist a P&O ferry that had picked up a windsurfer attempting a channel crossing.



The lifeboat and DHB Dovorian both responded to a 10m catamaran taking on water near South Foreland. Escorted into the harbour where a pump was transferred and then assistance given to keep the fishing vessel afloat until it could be lifted out.



Launched to reports of a swimmer in difficulties off Folkestone. On arrival it was found to be an experienced sea swimmer in training for a channel crossing. False alarm with good intent.



Towed in a small single-handed yacht with a broken rudder. Another vessel was already giving assistance and then aided the lifeboat in passing a crewman to the yacht. The yacht was then towed to Dover Marina.



Launched to search inside Dover Harbour for a suspected missing person. The Port of Dover Police RIB and the Harbour Patrol launch also searched the area whilst a shoreline search was carried out by local Coastguards.



Lifeboat requested to assist with incident aboard ferry. Lifeboat and crew stood down before leaving berth.



Standby - Incident involving swimmers near Folkestone. Swimmers quickly recovered by other parties and lifeboat request cancelled.



Lifeboat requested to assist in search for a suspected missing person between Langdon and St Margarets. Stood down before launching as person located by other Search and Rescue assets.



Lifeboat launched to 28' fishing vessel with machinery failure four miles south of Dover. Vessel was taken under tow and brought into Dover Marina.



Lifeboat requested to assist in search for missing 11 year old who could not be found when ferry berthed in Dover. The Lifeboat and DHB vessels carried out a search. Whilst they continued to search the youngster was found safe and well on board another coach.



Dover and Littlestone lifeboats along with Port of Dover Police RIB 'Delta 99', an RAF Sea King and Coastguard units searched for a swimmer off Folkestone. Nothing was found and after some time all units were stood down.



The lifeboat, Coastguards and Port of Dover Police searched Dover Harbour after clothing was found on the Sea Front. After a comprehensive search of the area nothing was found and the units were stood down.



The lifeboat was diverted from exercise to undertake a search in the Shakespeare Cliff area.



Lifeboat launched to reports of people using an inflatable in trouble off Folkestone. They made shore under their own power before lifeboat arrived. False alarm with good intent.



Following reports of a person collapsed on Langdon Steps the lifeboat launched and proceeded to Langdon Bay. Two crew were deployed to the beach using the Y boat. They then made their way up the cliff path to the casualty and carried out first aid until RAF helicopter 'Rescue 125' arrived. 'Rescue 125' lowered their winchman to assess the casualty. The decision was then made to extract the casualty by winching from the cliff. This was performed using a high line transfer and then the casualty was flown to the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother hospital in Margate.



The lifeboat was launched to the 12m yacht 'Windshear' that had been dismasted in rough weather near the Southern end of the Varne Bank. Once on scene the lifeboat took the yacht under tow and made for Dover. On arrival at Dover, the Patrol launch 'DHB Dovorian' was used to assist in bringing the yacht alongside a pontoon. This was necessary as the lifeboat could not get alongside the yacht due to the mast being laid athwartships. Once alongside the crew assisted the three Dutch yachtsmen in removing the mast and bringing it off the yacht.



The lifeboat was requested by Dover Coastguard to assist in locating a person believed trapped on cliffs at Capel le Ferne.



Lifeboat launched in response to an activated EPIRB. A search was carried out but nothing found.



Medevac of fisherman, with hand injury, from a 15m commercial fishing vessel. Landed at Dover and handed over to ambulance personnel.



Whilst on passage with a relief lifeboat, Coxswain Stuart Richardson and other members of the Dover crew assisted Eastbourne lifeboat with a broken down Beam Trawler.



Launched to a small 18' fishing vessel broken down just outside Dover in the Ferry lanes. Taken under tow and brought into Dover.



The Lifeboat was launched to reports of a car having been driven into the harbour. The Lifeboat and crew assisted with searching for the vehicle and in the subsequent recovery of the vehicle by divers and a crane.



The Lifeboat, Coastguard Rescue Teams and a multitude of fire appliances attended to the Speedferries catamaran 'Speed One' when she was holed and started taking on water. The Lifeboat's stood by until enough pumping capacity was in place.

Recent callouts:


A missing diver was recovered from the Channel in a joint rescue with Walmer Lifeboat.


Recovery of a person from Langdon/Crab Bay area. Assisted by Walmer Inshore Lifeboat.


Recovery of human remains on behalf of Kent Police and the Coroner.


Person cut off by the tide at Langdon Bay, further investigation using the Y Boat, False Alarm good intent


A person fallen from cliffs was assisted by the lifeboat crew as well as Kent Air Ambulance, a RAF Helicopter and HM Coastguard.

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