Services during 2008

The list below gives brief details of all service calls for 2008.



Following the discovery of a small boat floating off Dover, the lifeboat was requested to carry out a search. Other units including Coastguard Rescue Teams from Langdon and Folkestone and Coastguard aircraft 'Echo November' carried out searchs but nothing was found.



Launched to reports of a small vessel in difficulties off Folkestone. The area was illuminated with parachute flares but nothing was found. False alarm with a good intent.



In gale force conditions the lifeboat took over the tow of a 10m fishing catamaran from Dungeness lifeboat just outside the harbour. The Dungeness lifeboat then took a line from the stern of the catamaran to assist in controlling the boat as it was towed into the harbour.



Following reports of a red flare being seen on Folkestone by multiple persons the lifeboat launched to search the area between Folkestone and Hythe. After a comprehensive search by the lifeboat and investigation by the Folkestone Coastguard Rescue Team, it was considered a false alarm with good intent.



The lifeboat launched to assist Kent Police and Coastguard Rescue Teams search for a missing person between St Margarets Bay and Kingsdown. RAF Sea King Helicopter Rescue 125 was also tasked to the search. Sadly, the helicopter located a body which was recovered by the Lifeboat crew using the Y Boat.



An early evening shout to two persons stranded after being cut off by the tide near St Margarets Bay. They were quickly located to the west of the bay and rescued using the Y boat. After handing over the bedraggled couple to Langdon Coastguard Rescue Team, the lifeboat and crew returned to Station.



Medevac of an injured crew man from a 275m long 80000 tonne Gas tanker approximately 2 miles south of Dover. Two crew members were put aboard the vessel to assess and prepare the casualty for transfer to the lifeboat. In a difficult transfer the injured man was lowered to the lifeboat in a stretcher before being brought ashore and handing over to ambulance paramedics.



The lifeboat launched to reports of a missing person to the west of Samphire Hoe. Whilst proceeding to the scene, the missing person was found by Kent Police and the lifeboat was stood down.



The lifeboat was requested by Dover Coastguard to go to the aid of an angling boat which was disabled a short distance from Dover. The vessel was suffering engine failure and unable to raise it's anchor. The boat was aided in recovering its anchor and then towed into Dover.



The Dover crew were disturbed from their Sea Safety Weekend to go to the aid of a sinking 50' yacht. The skipper had made a Pan Pan call after finding that the yacht was taking on significant amounts of water. The yacht was first reached by one of the local Range Safety boats and then by Hastings Lifeboat who started to pump her out and took her under tow. She was handed over to Dover Lifeboat near Dungeness and then brought into Dover. Once in Dover she was handed over to the care of the Marina staff and local Coastguards.



The Lifeboat crew recovered a person from base of cliffs near St Margaret's.



Whilst cleaning the lifeboat from the previous service the crew was requested to launch again to reports of persons in difficulty with a rubber dinghy off Folkestone. Before the lifeboat arrived on scene the dinghy sailors had safely returned to the beach .



The third shout of a busy weekend saw the lifeboat and crew carrying out the medevac of a sailor from a US Navy Destroyer. The man was landed to the care of ambulance personnel and conveyed to hospital.



Dover lifeboat and the Ramsgate all weather lifeboat were launched following the reception by the Coastguard of an EPIRB activation. The position received estimated the beacon somewhere in the Downs area and so both lifeboats carried out comprehensive searches but nothing was found.



For the fifteenth shout of the year, the lifeboat launched, following a sighting of an empty life buoy in the South West shipping lane seven miles off Dover. In torrential rain and darkness the crew carried out a comprehensive search whilst minding the many ships and ferries in the area. Nothing was found and the decision was made by Dover Coastguard to end the search.



The Lifeboat with Mark 'Foggy' Finnis on his first service as Dover Coxswain launched to the aid of a 10m motor boat. The casualty vessel was cruising approximately eight miles off Dover when she had become entangled in a piece of fishing net and disabled. She was towed into the Dover Marina where she was lifted out for the netting to be removed.



A small single-handed yacht also became a victim of the floating fishing net, in an almost identical position to the previous incident. She was towed to Dover Marina where the yachtsman was able work the netting free.



Almost immediately after finishing the previous service, the lifeboat was requested for the third time in less than twelve hours. The Coastguard aircraft and a cargo vessel had both reported what appeared to be wreckage in the South west lane. The lifeboat proceeded to the positions given and recovered a large amount of old fishing net and other fishing paraphernalia. Littlestone lifeboat, the Anglian Monarch and Trinity House's vessel Galatea also took part in the search.



The Lifeboat was requested to assist Kent Police in a search for a vulnerable person in the Shakespeare Cliff and Samphire Hoe area. In thick fog the crew searched the area along with the Folkestone Coastguard Rescue Team. Nothing was found and it later transpired the person had been found and taken into care by another agency.



The lifeboat launched at the request of Dover Coastguard to go to the aid of a sick man about a Dover based Dive boat. A Belgian Air Force helicopter from Koksijde also responded and reaching the scene first, transported the casualty to hospital in Belgium.



Launch cancelled before crew assembled. The person believed missing in Dover Harbour had already been found.



Stood down before launching. Persons rescued in Folkestone Harbour by the Anglian Monarch's fast rescue boat.



Whilst on passage to Rye, a 31' fishing vessel suffered fuel problems approximately two miles off Dover. The lifeboat launched and swiftly reached the casualty vessel before passing a towline and bringing the boat and two people into Dover.



The lifeboat launched early in the evening to the aid of a group of rowers who where returning from a row to France. Whilst all the rowers were aboard their support craft and towing their traditional Thames Cutter they were forced to call for help when the cutter was overturned. After consultation with the Coastguard it was felt unwise for the support boat to try to right the vessel and if left the craft would be a danger to other shipping. The lifeboat crew managed to right and refloat the Cutter and towed it into the Marina.



During a Force 7 gale the lifeboat launched to the aid of a Dutch yacht. The yacht was having engine problems just off Dover. During the passing of a towline and subsequent tow to Dover the crew had communications difficulties with the yacht due to a VHF failure on the yacht. All communications then had to be made by the lifeboat crew asking questions and the yacht unable to send voice communications had to use a series of transmitter clicks to answer. Once in Dover the yacht was moored and handed over to the local Coastguard Team.



After reports of a person cut off by the tide in the Crab/Fan Bay area, the lifeboat launched and was guided onto the casualty by Dover Port Control. The man was trapped by the tide but sat a good distance above the water. In the Gale force conditions it was too risky to launch the Y boat and so with the man able to wait for the tide to recede, the lifeboat returned to her berth.



The lifeboat launched to reports of a swimmer in difficulties off the Rotunda at Folkestone. Whilst en route to the scene, reports confirmed the swimmer had made their way to shore. Released from the incident the lifeboat returned to Dover.



Whilst at Folkestone for the Harbour Festival's Raft Race, the lifeboat was diverted to search for some kayak paddles seen in the sea to the west of the harbour.



The lifeboat was requested to launch to the aid of a German yacht which was suffering with engine problems just off the South Foreland Lighthouse. After rendezvousing with the yacht, a crew member transferred across and the yacht was towed into Dover. The lifeboat was back on her berth only 55 minutes after leaving.



After receiving reports of a car over the cliff in the area of the Warren, MRCC Dover requested the lifeboat to launch. Whilst the crew were making their ways to the Station, the Coastguard cancelled the launch. Once they had obtained an accurate position for the incident it was realised that lifeboat would not be needed.



The lifeboat launched to the aid of an entangled dolphin approximately 3 miles to the South west of Dover. On arrival there was a dolphin swimming around a Dutch yacht that had made the report. Immediately after launching the Y boat to investigate a report of a child in difficulties at Folkestone Harbour was passed on by the Coastguard and the lifeboat immediately diverted to that incident. After dealing with that incident the lifeboat returned to the dolphin incident but despite sightings of a freely swimming dolphin there was no sign of any trapped animal.



Diverting from the previous incident, the lifeboat quickly responded to reports of a child in difficulties in the inner harbour at Folkestone. On arrival the Y boat was launched and taken into the inner harbour. The two crew aboard the Y boat, after speaking to other children in the area, were able to confirm that the person in question was now safe. Coastguard Rescue Officers, from Folkestone, were also in attendance and they checked on the person to ensure no medical assistance was needed. The lifeboat and crew returned to the previous incident.



Fifth shout in four days and another disabled yacht with engine problems. Towed into Dover where it was moored on the Crosswall Quay in the Marina.



The busy period continued with the lifeboat being called out to assist two persons in a small speedboat that was out of fuel and drifting towards Samphire Hoe. Port of Dover Police's RIB 'Delta 99' was already on scene and assisted in bringing the vessel to deeper water for the lifeboat to pass a towline. The vessel was then towed into Dover where it and it's occupants were handed over to Port of Dover Police and local Coastguard Rescue Officers.



A short while after returning the previous call the lifeboat was heading back out to assist a local angling boat that was suffering control problems close to the Port. Once on scene the skipper of the vessel had got the craft back under control and was escorted back to the marina by the lifeboat.



Reports of a dinghy drifting off Samphire Hoe lead to a search by the lifeboat and crew but nothing was found.



The Lifeboat launched to rendezvous with Littlestone lifeboat who were escorting a small angling boat that was very low on fuel. Just off Folkestone the Lifeboat was able to pass some diesel to the craft and then escorted it to Dover.



The lifeboat and crew headed to Sandgate after reports of a possible person in a lifejacket just off from Sandgate Castle. On arrival it was found to be a deflated inflatable dinghy and recovered aboard the lifeboat for further investigation.



The lifeboat and crew responded to a request of assistance from a yacht that had a rope fouling it's propellor. The yacht was towed into Dover Marina.



Immediately after the previous service the lifeboat was retasked to a missing person search in the Warren area. After some time searching and nothing being found, the lifeboat was released to return to Station.



Launched to a Mayday call from a motor cruiser near the NPC buoy the lifeboat swiftly proceeded to the casualty. Once on scene it was clear the vessel was making water and at risk of sinking. Two crew were transferred across along with the salvage pump. The occupants of the cruiser were taken aboard the lifeboat. After pumping a lot of the water out of the boat and making it safe to proceed, the lifeboat crew aboard brought the vessel into Dover. It appears that a leak in the engine cooling system lead to the flooding.



After multiple 999 calls to the Coastguard about a capsized vessel off Copt Point, Folkestone during a summer gale. As the lifeboat proceeded to the scene further information was passed indicating it was the Folkestone Rescue Boat and that the two occupants were sat on top of the capsized craft. Monitored by the Folkestone Coastguard Rescue Team and Coastwatch Folkestone the lifeboat launched the Y boat and recovered the two persons. They were then able to recover the inflatable onto the stern of the boat as well and bring it into Dover.



The lifeboat crew were called out at just before 2am to the aid of a Belgian yacht in difficulties to the east of Dover. Once on scene a tow was passed and then the lifeboat towed the yacht into Dover.



Close to Dover a small yacht with three people on board suffered a broken rudder. The yacht managed to make its way into the habour and the lifeboat was then able go alongside and bring it into the Marina.



The Lifeboat launched on service to the aid of a couple cut off by the tide to the south of St Margaret's Bay. Once located the couple were recovered using the Y boat and taken aboard the Lifeboat and taken to the Lifeboat Station where they were met by members of the Folkestone Coastguard Rescue Team.



The Lifeboat launched to a local angling boat that had been disabled by a rope caught around its propellor. Once the lifeboat arrived at its location it was towed into Dover.



The Lifeboat and the DHB Patrol launch went to the aid of a 16m Belgian yacht that whilst approaching the Port had suddenly lost steering. This was due to a broken cable. In choppy conditions the yacht's crew managed to rig their emergency steering and make the harbour under their own power.



Reports from a local dive boat of a person losing consciousness onboard lead to the lifeboat launching with two ambulance personnel onboard. Rendezvousing with the boat off Hythe. The casualty had regained consciousness by the time the lifeboat arrived but was transferred to the lifeboat and brought back to Dover from where he was taken to hospital.



Three men and a dog needed the lifeboat after becoming stranded off Samphire Hoe. Whilst fishing from their 20 foot motorboat the anchor rope became twisted round their propellor. Using the Y boat to get alongside the rope was cut and the vessel towed to Marina.



The first of two shouts for the day was to a man cut off by the tide in the Fan Bay area, just to the east of the Port. He was recovered to the Lifeboat using the Y boat and stayed onboard whilst the lifeboat proceeded with a new tasking.



Whilst recovering the stranded man the lifeboat crew became aware of a separate search ongoing for another person. Along with Port of Dover Police's Rib a shoreline search was commenced between Dover and St Margarets. The units doing this search were stood down a short while later and the lifeboat returned to her berth.



The Lifeboat went to the aid of a small yacht that was in difficulties off Folkestone. The yacht had landed two of its occupants at Folkestone and was dragging its anchor into a position dangerously close to Folkestone Pier. The remaining yachtsman was taken off using the Y Boat and two crew went aboard the yacht whilst it was towed into Dover.



The Lifeboat was diverted as it launched on exercise to search for a person who was lost on the shoreline between Folkestone and Samphire Hoe. The lifeboat was stood down prior to reaching the area when the casualty was found by Folkestone Coastguard Rescue Team.



The Lifeboat was requested by Kent Police and Dover Coastguard to assist in the search for a person suspected as missing in the Folkestone Warren area. This was due to a dog walker being seen earlier in the day with her dog and then the dog being found wandering on its own some hours later. The search also involved Rescue 125 and Coastguard Rescue Officers from the Deal, Folkestone and Langdon teams. After approximately two hours all units were stood down when the person was found to be safe and well.



The lifeboat and Coastguard Rescue Officers from Folkestone responded to reports of a yacht aground in the Folkestone Warren. Arriving on scene, the crew found the yacht stranded on the beach. Concerned for the welfare of anyone who might have been on board, investigations to identify the origin of the vessel were made and the lifeboat commenced a search. Eventually news was received from the continent that suggested the yacht had been stolen along with another vessel from Calais.



Just after returning from an exercise the lifeboat was tasked to investigate reports of people in difficulties whilst climbing cliffs at Langdon Bay. Arriving on scene as darkness fell, the Y boat was launched and the people could be seen on the cliff face. Rescue 125 and Coastguard Rescue Officers from the Langdon Team were also tasked. When the Coastguard Officers arrived at the cliff edge they found that the people were all fully equipped climbers and not in difficulties. Once all the climbers were recovered to the cliff top all the rescue assets were stood down.



With 17-09 'City of London II' out of the water for some minor repairs, the crew used relief lifeboat 17-02 'The Will' to go to the aid of a small angling boat with mechanical failure approximately one mile south east of South Foreland. The disabled craft was towed into Dover for repairs.



A stand by for a UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) spotted off Folkestone. The lifeboat crew assembled but were stood down a short while later.



The lifeboat launched to the aid of a 20m Dutch barge. The three people onboard reported that they were taking on water when they encountered some rougher waters near the Goodwin Sands. A crew member was transferred to assess conditions and as the sea conditions were improving it was decided to escort the vessel into Dover.



The sixtieth and final call of the year saw the lifeboat and crew carrying out a search for a person missing from a cargo ship that had transited the Dover Strait earlier in the day. Nothing was found.


Recent callouts:


A missing diver was recovered from the Channel in a joint rescue with Walmer Lifeboat.


Recovery of a person from Langdon/Crab Bay area. Assisted by Walmer Inshore Lifeboat.


Recovery of human remains on behalf of Kent Police and the Coroner.


Person cut off by the tide at Langdon Bay, further investigation using the Y Boat, False Alarm good intent


A person fallen from cliffs was assisted by the lifeboat crew as well as Kent Air Ambulance, a RAF Helicopter and HM Coastguard.

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