Services during 2010

The list below gives brief details of service calls for 2010.



The Lifeboat was requested to assist Dungeness Lifeboat with a 22m Beam trawler that was disabled with gearbox problems. The Lifeboat rendezvoused with the other vessels off Dungeness and took over the tow from the smaller lifeboat. The trawler was then brought safely into Dover Harbour by both lifeboats.



The Lifeboat crew were requested to assist Kent Police recover human remains from cliffs near South Foreland Lighthouse.



The Lifeboat went to the aid of an injured Polish crew member aboard a German registed 8000 tonne, 140m container ship. Two crew members went aboard to assess and treat the man before he was transferred to the lifeboat and brought into Dover.



After debris was spotted in the Channel, Ramsgate and Dover Lifeboats were both out searching along with a Sea King helicopter from the RAF. What was found was traced back to fishing vessels that were either in dry dock or not to have been in the area recently and so all units were stood down.



A 15m motorboat on passage to the Netherlands broke down 7 Nm South-west of Dover and was towed in near gale conditions into Dover.



A young man was spotted cut off by the tide in the Fan Bay area. He was rescued using the Y boat and brought into Dover where he was handed over to a local Coastguard unit.



A 9m Dutch yacht was towed into Dover Marina after becoming becalmed three miles off the Port with engine failure.



The Lifeboat, Essex Police Helicopter, Port of Dover Police's RIB, Coastguards and other vessels including the Harbour Tour boat 'Southern Queen' searched the harbour and surrounding waters for a person in distress after discarded clothing was found on the beach. After several hours searching the clothing was found to have been there since the previous day and the searching units were stood down.



A 7m angling boat from Ramsgate hit a piece of wood and suffered gearbox failure whilst 4Nm south west of Dover. The lifeboat launched and towed it into Dover where it was lifted out of the water for repairs.



The lifeboat was requested by Dover Coastguard after a cross channel ferry reported a person overboard. The lifeboat was stood down before launching as the ferry's own fast rescue craft quickly managed to recover the person. They were handed over to an ambulance crew on arrival in Dover.



A seriously injured crew member aboard a 260m container ship was assisted. After sustaining head and leg injuries the man needed urgent hospital treatment. Once stabilised the casualty was taken aboard the lifeboat and then winched to a Coastguard helicopter which flew him to hospital in Margate.



A yacht encountering difficulties in the shipping lanes was assisted into Dover.



An exhausted yacht crew needed help after becoming disorientated in the shipping lanes. At risk from the large cargo vessels in the Channel Dover Coastguard requested the lifeboat's launch.



A report of an unidentified floating object which was suspected of being a WWII sea mine lead to the lifeboat being launched. On arrival at the position given the object was located and re-identified as a large log.



A small follkestone based angling craft suffered complete engine failure whilst off the Warren. It was taken under tow and then assisted into Folkestone Harbour using the Y boat.



The Lifeboat was stood down as the crew mustered when the reported upturned vessel that had been reported to Dover Coastguard was re-identified as a dead whale.



A Dover based angling boat was towed back into Dover when it suffered engine failure approximately three miles from the Port.



An 11m Dutch registered yacht with one person onboard was towed into Dover after being overwhelmed by near gale conditions in the Channel and sufffering engine failure.



A local charter fishing boat suffered a foule propellor. The lifeboat attended and took the vessel in tow back to Dover.



The lifeboat was requested to proceed towards one of the Cross channel ferries that had a smoke alarm warning in its engine room. The ferry was met on arrival in Dover by Kent Fire and Rescue. RAF helicopter 'Rescue 125' from Wattisham was also sent to the potentially serious incident but fortunately there was no need to evacuate any passengers or crew. The lifeboat was diverted en route to another incident.



Whilst proceeding towards the previous incident the lifeboat was retasked to a man in grave danger. He had been spotted swimming in the vicinity of the Port's Eastern Entrance and had nearly been run down by one of the ferries. The Lifeboat, the Dover Harbour Board Patrol launch and a RAF Helicopter were all involved in his rescue. He was immediately taken to the Lifeboat Station where he was handed over to the care of Port of Dover Police.



Whilst heading to Deal for a Regatta display the lifeboat was tasked to a sinking RIB 19 miles east of Dover. The RIB had been supporting a charity event involving Kayaks and was being overwhelmed by the conditions. The six men onboard were all taken off the RIB to lighten it and then two of the lifeboat crew brought it safely into Dover.



A yacht was towed into Dover when it ran into difficulties five miles off the Port.



An angling boat with a complete failure of its electrical systems was towed in from the area of the Varne.



A 41' yacht with six people onboard ran into difficulties near the East Goodwin Buoy when it was disabled by engine problems.



An angling boat with a complete failure of its electrical systems was towed to Folkestone.



The lifeboat recovered a microlight aircraft that had crashed into the sea the previous evening. The pilot had been rescued by a dredger and taken ashore by Walmer Lifeboat. However the next morning the microlight was spotted floating just below the surface by a yacht and the Coastguard requested assistance to recovere it to prevent any further risk to shipping.



A RIB with six divers aboard broke down six miles from Dover. It was towed into the harbour and then as it was low tide it was handed over to Delta 99 the Port of Dover Police RIB for assistance to the slipway.



The llifeboat crew went to the aid of a collapsed man aboard a motorboat that was escorting a cross channel swimmer. The swim was called off and the lifeboat rendezvoused with the boat off the Port. A crew member went aboard to give first aid and the lifeboat escorted the vessel into Dover where an ambulance was waiting.



A sick sailor aboard a 125m German fishing vessel was brought ashore and landed into the care of ambulance paramedics.



The second shout of the day was to a kite surfer reported in trouble off Sandgate. On arrival the lifeboat found that the kite surfer had safely reached the beach but a kayaker who had gone to help recover the kite had found themselves over a mile offshore and required assistance to return to shore.



A seaman aboard a container ship was brought ashore suffering from suspected appendicitis. He was handed over to the care of ambulance staff for transport to hospital.



A German yacht anchored close to Copt Point, Folkestone was reported to Dover Coastguard due to the risk of grounding. On arrival the lifeboat crew found the anchor had parted and the yacht drifting. The single yachtsman aboard was woken and informed of the risk he was in before being escorted to Dover Marina.



A 65' barge with three people onboard was towed into Dover after it started taking on water. In gale force winds and a heavy swell the barge was towed into Dover.



The Lifeboat diverted from an exercise to reports of a capsize boat. After a thorough search of the area all that was found was a discarded plastic fish box.



An injured man aboard a fishing boat was assisted and then airlifted to hospital by a Belgian Air Force helicopter.



A Folkestone based angling boat with power failure was towed into Dover. The vessel had suffered power failure.



A fire onboard a 92m Turkish general cargo vessel saw both Dover and Ramsgate Lifeboats sent to the scene. A RAF helicopter airlifted three men from the ship and took them to hospital. Both lifeboats were stood down upon the arrival of the Emergency Towing Vessel Anglian Monarch.



A ship passing through the South West shipping lane spotted a dinghy floating near the Varne Bank. The Lifeboat crew recovered the dinghy and brought it back to Dover.

Recent callouts:


Recovery of human remains on behalf of Kent Police and the Coroner.


Person cut off by the tide at Langdon Bay, further investigation using the Y Boat, False Alarm good intent


A person fallen from cliffs was assisted by the lifeboat crew as well as Kent Air Ambulance, a RAF Helicopter and HM Coastguard.


Angling boat believed in difficulties. False alarm good intent.


Person believed at risk in Folkestone area. Searched with Littlestone Lifeboat - Nothing found.

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